[vlc-devel] a source of inspiration, more control over life and lucidity

roman_calin at mail.md roman_calin at mail.md
Sun Sep 4 12:26:07 CEST 2016

so before i will became the developer i send you these info that is
important for vlc devil team and in specially for those who design gui
features which must breathe with stability and eternity like dark energy
and dark mater.

the information below is an important source of inspiration what with
some tricks may be transformed in additional time to think and mental
work on things for what is no sufficient time in waking state. I have
more ideas in direction of spiritual development, lucid dreams which i
call controlled dreams- are very similar to virtual reality goggles, 
but, with the ability to generate consciously, by the one who dreams his
own: four dimensional environment. (imagine how source code might look
like in four-dimension) I see it as a tree and his branches that are
different components of the program and 4-th dimension is time and
circumstances in what code was added to specific branch.

i-m using linux debian

control over my dreams helped me to access a source of inspiration, to
gain more control over my life and to be more lucid.
believe-it or not just try it, and the results will appear! best wishes
from roman călin.

here you go - all 10!

Step 1 - The Foundation of Frequent Lucid Dreaming

Step 2 - How to Identify Signs That You're Dreaming

Step 3 -The Lucid Dreamer's Brain Hack

Step 4 - How to Relax So Deeply You Can't Feel Your Body

Step 5 - How to Lucid Dream Like a Tibetan Monk

Step 6 - Can Hypnosis Help You Lucid Dream?

Step 7 - Is There a Lucid Dreaming Pill?

Step 8 - A Lucidity Technique with Immediate Results

Step 9 - Five Tricks to Stop a Lucid Dream Collapsing

Step 10 - How to Control The Limitless Lucid Dreamscape

how i came to idea to send you these message:

i need these for a video game for improoving intel:

video+audio stream from multiple source with: desktop, aplication,
window: area selection, combined in one picture on vlc server, with
limited access: diferent password for each client with option of
monitoring the number of clients connected to stream and password used,
ip adress, of those connected, and encription of stream.

so idea is to stream:
selected area of desktop, window from source: (a)
and selected area of desktop, window of source: (ă)

that will be combined on vlc server in one picture

to which will be password access.
see the picture: https://postimg.org/image/6iz7wtk0j/

so after a search on vlc forum i found out about mosaic, in preferences
i find that there is an option for: username an password, so there must
be added some functionality, also i fund that encryption is already
present, so what is missing is area selection of desktop or application

on „VLC media player Feature Requests” forum i read these:

„There is no guarantee that your request will be implemented. We have a
very long TODO list and an even longer list of bugs.” so here i came
with idea about control over dreams to give you time you need

i have plenty of time what i need it-s just my wish list, i understand
that you have a lot of more important things to do, so maybe in future
when you-l have free time...

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