[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Proof of Concept: http: add range support

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Tue Sep 13 11:20:10 CEST 2016

Le 12/09/2016 à 20:07, Francois Cartegnie a écrit :

Seems mailman disabled my account for unknown reason.

> Plus the performance will suck if you don't reuse the HTTP connection manager 
> across ranges.

> In other words, I can't see this working properly through the VLC stream 
> abstraction, as opposed to using vlc_http_resource et al. directly.

I don't see how we could properly handle gzip and other stream filters
if we work at the same level than access.
This would also mean duplicating the whole access.c code for dealing
with cookies and keystore, as well as the file.c code and callbacks to
handle byte range and disable any content/transfert encoding which would
require stream_filter.

So, what I understand now, is that unless we have support for byte range
across stream filters/access chain (ie, for stream_Url), Byte Range
support will never work properly.


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