[vlc-devel] [PATCH 1/8] stream_extractor: split joint capability into two

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Fri Feb 17 19:13:38 CET 2017

Le torstaina 16. helmikuuta 2017, 22.44.11 EET Filip Roséen a écrit :
> These changes splits the functionality for a stream-extractor into two
> different objects, one being a stream_extractor_t (used to extract
> data for an entity within a stream based on an identifier), and the
> other, stream_directory_t, is to list entities within a stream.
> Summary of changes:
>   - update and refine documentation belonging to stream-extractors
>   - stream_extractor_t is now stream_extractor_t and stream_directory_t

To me, that looks better than the union.

Although AFAICT, stream_directory_t is a "subset" of stream_t, and 
stream_extractor_t would also be a subset except for the identifier. Then you 
don´t even need new types: you can just define a new pf_activate callback 
prototype to carry the identifier.

That being written, I have not actually checked if that would enable any 
further simplification on the core side. I just hope it would allow treating 
extractors and directories as regular streams for purpose other than 


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