[vlc-devel] Audio user interface feature requests

Markus markus at eserver.homelinux.org
Sat Jan 7 12:54:45 CET 2017

Feature Requests:

New Menu Entry: Audio -> Volume 100%

Middle Click on bottom-right volume bar will reset volume to 100%

Rename menu entry
"Audio -> Stereo Mode -> Left" to "Audio -> Stereo Mode -> Mono: Left
"Audio -> Stereo Mode -> "Right" to "Audio -> Stereo Mode -> Mono: Right

Add menu entry
"Audio -> Stereo Mode -> Mono: Left+Right Channel"
(new feature, downmix left and right channel to a single mono stream and
send it to both speakers)

Move menu entry
"Audio -> Stereo Mode -> Swap Stereo channels"
directly below "Stereo"
and rename to
"Audio -> Stereo Mode -> Stereo: Swap channels"

Add separation line to "Audio -> Stereo Mode"

Below this, add a Checkbox-Entry: "Mute left"
Below this, add a Checkbox-Entry: "Mute right"

- if both are checked, the global sound shall be muted, instead of just
muting both channels individually.
- if the global sound is muted, both checkboxes shall be displayed checked.

The stereo-muting feature is "applied" *after* the "Swap Stereo
Channels" feature.

Example: If "Swap Stereo Channels" and is enabled and "Mute Left" is
enabled, this means, that only the left audio stream is played to the
right stream.

(I use german user interface and for this mail I translated the entries
back to english, so the exact menu entries might not match the original
english user interface texts)

I thinking about this stuff long time and now I found time to suggest an
exact behaviour.

The feature allowe better fix of broken stereo channels. The feature
allowes earphone sharing with friends and multiple vlc players.



Thanks for VLC.

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