[vlc-devel] Patch proposal: input/clock.c: auto-guess reference clock

Anthony Loiseau anthony.loiseau at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 00:05:18 CET 2017

Dear VLC team,

Attached are two versions of a patch (one applicable over vlc-master and
one over vlc-2.2) which goal is to modify behavior of input_clock_ConvertTS
when given clock misses a reference.

Legacy behavior exits the function with an error whereas proposed one
guesses the reference clock and continue.

I am not familiar with VLC code and although this patch fixes an issue
reading some streams on my side, it may bring regressions for some other
streams or usages. Also, I only tested the vlc-2.2 patch since I have too
old dependencies to build the vlc-master port.

There is a small chance this patch fixes ticket 15717. It adresses a very
similar issue but I still fail to read 15717-attached m2ts file with my
very-lite build.

Feedback are welcome,
Happy new year,
Anthony Loiseau
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