[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Proper Mac UTIs

C.W. Betts computers57 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 17 10:28:41 CET 2017

This updates the OS X info.plist to use better-designed (and oftentimes, official) UTIs.

The system-defined ones now properly used are public.folder, public.volume, public.aiff-audio, com.microsoft.waveform-audio, public.avi, com.apple.quicktime-movie, public.dv-movie, and more, and put them in the LSItemContentTypes of the CFBundleDocumentTypes entries.

The official ones are com.real.realaudio, com.real.realmedia, com.real.ram (Taken from the RealPlayer app), com.adobe.flash.video, com.rarlab.rar-archive,

The better-designed ones are org.xiph.ogg-video, org.xiph.opus, org.videolan.ogg-audio, public.midi-audio, org.matroska.mka, org.matroska.mkv, org.videolan.webm, org.xiph.flac, and more.

Not all of the UTIs have been updated, and getting a semi-official UTI on the more obscure and older formats may not work. But at least VLC needs to look for proper UTIs for the files, and not just declare ones that start with “org.videolan” for each and every one.

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