[vlc-devel] missing polish translation in vlc 2.2

M T mtrz at outlook.com
Tue Oct 10 03:23:19 CEST 2017

Hi, VLC-devs, here is a notice from a vlc translator:

some time ago i spotted, using the 2.2.7 nightlies version of vlc, that the polish language file is not updated.

The last po update early 2016 hadn't include some later reported bugs, mainly a one in the menu of the main interface.

I already merge the corrected and reviewed version from transifex and updated it with the latest pot file from here:


I also updated the german file with these latest pot file updates and tested both files with some of the latest 2.2.7 nightlies.

It would be nice to have these updates also officially, especially the polish menu bugfixes, here on git:


I attached the polish and german translation with this mail.

I thank you for the git-updates and let me know if there are some more updates in the pot file for an (eventual) release of 2.2.7

Sometimes a quick bugfix version is needed (as in 2.2.6) and its good to have the latest reviewed translations included.

And we will test them with the further nightlies.

Thanks for a feedback!


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