[vlc-devel] Complete, Corresponding Source (CCS) for a VLC binary release

lasse.kantola at iki.fi lasse.kantola at iki.fi
Tue Oct 24 07:27:14 CEST 2017

Hello VLC developers,

Thank you for the amazing player and multimedia framework.

My main question is how to get the Complete Corresponding Source (CCS)
for an official VLC binary release from https://www.videolan.org/? See
the detailed questions below after the explanation.

I would like to download the official VLC media player binary and
distribute it unmodified on a physical media to customers. In this
specific case, I would like to distribute the 7-Zip packed Windows
binary of VLC release 2.2.2
but the question is relevant for newer versions too.

To distribute the binaries on a physical media, and be compliant with
GPLv2 3a, I would need to include the CCS with the binaries. (See the
links below for reference.)


The source code release for the VLC itself can be easily found from
https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-sources.html, but gathering the
corresponding versions of required libraries is more difficult.

Currently, I am downloading the tarballs by doing "make fetch-all" in
the contrib/win32 directory, using the link below as a reference.
Some of the tarball URLs were not working, or lead to incorrect
versions, but by using Google and the SHA512SUMS in contrib/src, it
was possible to find correct versions for most of the tarballs.
However, some dependencies had no SHA512SUMS or set version.

So I would like to find answers to the following questions:

- Which contrib dependencies are included in the official VLC 2.2.2
  Windows binary release?

- Which exact version of mfx_dispatch, x264, libpostproc, and tremor
  were used in the release?

- What were the configure options?

- What was the used build environment: OS, GCC version, etc. for the
  binary release? (This is not really necessary for CCS, but would
  help in reproducing the build.)

It would be great to have the answer to the above questions for all
available binary releases, to make GPL compliant re-distribution on a
physical media easier without resorting to re-compilation.

Thank you and best regards,

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