[vlc-devel] Fix regressions in cache_block stream-filter

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sun Apr 29 14:29:37 CEST 2018

Le lauantaina 21. huhtikuuta 2018, 12.44.21 EEST Ilkka Ollakka a écrit :
> Seems that cache-block rework did cause some regressions, atleast on dtv
> access. I don't have dtv setup currently in use, so I'll send patches
> and if people with dtv setup could test that if it works for them, it
> would be great.

DTV is differently broken, but still unusable if I revert the cache_block 
rewrite, so I cannot test that.

However, this simple patch below gets cache_block 60% functions and 72% lines 
coverage with the existing test suite. It fails currently, it fails with the 
patch 1/2 below and it passes witout 9a725a039d8cfcf91aabad0101da1563a627493f.

diff --git a/modules/stream_filter/cache_block.c b/modules/stream_filter/
index e5b29a0055..0dd19ce654 100644
--- a/modules/stream_filter/cache_block.c
+++ b/modules/stream_filter/cache_block.c
@@ -255,8 +255,8 @@ static int Open(vlc_object_t *obj)
     stream_t *s = (stream_t *)obj;
-    if (s->s->pf_block == NULL)
-        return VLC_EGENERIC;
+    //if (s->s->pf_block == NULL)
+    //    return VLC_EGENERIC;
     stream_sys_t *sys = malloc(sizeof (*sys));
     if (unlikely(sys == NULL))
diff --git a/modules/stream_filter/cache_read.c b/modules/stream_filter/
index 4025120c8b..dc648e5489 100644
--- a/modules/stream_filter/cache_read.c
+++ b/modules/stream_filter/cache_read.c
@@ -567,7 +567,7 @@ vlc_module_begin()
     set_capability("stream_filter", 0)
-    add_shortcut("cache")
+    add_shortcut("cachexxx")
     set_description(N_("Byte stream cache"))
     set_callbacks(Open, Close)

Реми Дёни-Курмон

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