[vlc-devel] GSOC 2018 - VLC WIN32 interface redesign

Niels nielsl at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 13 11:44:22 CET 2018

From:Saurav YadavTo:videolan at videolan.org, vlc-devel at videolan.orgSent:Tue Feb 13 09:19:19 GMT+01:00 2018Subject:[vlc-devel] GSOC 2018 - VLC WIN32 interface redesign

The task is to develop latest, and fast UI using WIN32 for streamlined performance like in Mozilla Firefox latest version. And where else should I discuss my ideas. I am not able to resolve. 

Saurav Yadav


I am not following. You are referring to the optimalisations which took place on mozillas firefox quantumn project. Version57. But what part of that would you like to see on VLC? Vlc uses qt interface on windows, with exception of the main interface.
These ideas might fit better on the forums under feature request.


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