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Mon Jan 15 16:06:11 CET 2018

I've had an idea for a while and I'd like to share it. It's basically a way to create a recut (fan-edit) of a video or audio file without actually editing the source file.Exactly like how subtitle files (SRT, SSA etc.) accompany the original file (which avoids having to edit/encrust/re-encode the original file.It would be the job of VLC player to seamlessly jump to different parts of the video/audio file.

Here's an example using the SRT format (with optional caption text used like comments):
00:01:11,111 --> 00:22:22,222
Skip past movie company intro
00:33:33,333 --> 00:44:44,444
Skip the 1st boring partand cut to the chase
00:55:55,555 --> 00:60:00,000
 Skip the 2nd boring partand keep the ending

In the example above the transitions would be instantaneous.
More advanced things to implement could be to use JSON format (allows future expansion) to specify things like transitions (as in CSS3 with effects/durations/etc.):
00:01:11,111 --> 00:22:22,222
 {    "in": {"transition": "fadeIn", "duration": 2},     "out": {"transition": "fadeOut", "duration": 0.1}}

The file extension could be .recut (or .rct)The file could be encoded in plain text UTF-8.An associated website indexing user submitted files could be
Let me know if anyone thinks it's a good idea and would like to code this up.
=== Why Do This? ===

I'd personally make use of this to create (much) shorter versions of films (the best parts (30 mins?)) so I could quickly watch them again.I'd also create shorter versions of the popular kids animated films so I could decide how long the film lasts with different length versions 10m, 20m, 30m etc. (the time it takes to prepare dinner!), that way there are no arguments like "But it's not finished yet!". Even versions which skip any scary parts for the younger ones.
Another nice thing would be to watch Pulp Fiction or Memento in the right order.Some DJ audio mixes could also be shortened, I regularly edit audio mixes manually to miss out parts I don't like.
=== About Me ===

I'm a Web (JavaScript/Java EE/Database) Developer with experience in editing videos/audio and subtitling.I don't have any experience coding in C++ but I'm more that qualified to create the website if this idea gets implemented.I'd have no problem testing/debugging this on Linux or Windows.

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