[vlc-devel] Idea - Recut Timecode File

Niels nielsl at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 16 17:39:34 CET 2018


Your have a good idea abd there would be a userbase for it. Do not let go of this idea. Unfortunatly the VLC project is not the right place to start with such abstract ideas. First research needs to be done on existing and historic methods which may already acomplish this. If there are none, a draft should be written on what information such file would contain and in what manner the file is formatted. Only once that has been done does vlc, or its sister project (in early development) vlcm come into the picture to implement this.

This may all sound like offical and boring buisness but it doesnt need to ass any offical channels or such. Its a rather informal process which is simply good practice. It would suck to find out later there was already a better way to do this, or to find out the format can only work is spesific circumstances. That needs to ve avoided.
Vlc is still undergoing many minor enhancement and bug fixes. There arent any developers available to take on a job of this magnitude at this time.
But it is a good idea. Don't just let it go.

Kind regards,
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