[vlc-devel] [RFC PATCH 0/2] Remove CA warning dialog when casting

Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen hugo at beauzee.fr
Thu Jan 18 11:25:31 CET 2018

Every time we start a cast, there will be a dialog warning the user that the
certificate can't be checked.
There is no way or use for us to actually check that the certificate is trusted, since
it's generated periodically by the chromecast.

Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen (2):
  tls: Add a way to ignore CA check.
  chromecast: Disable CA check

 include/vlc_tls.h                                          | 1 +
 modules/misc/gnutls.c                                      | 2 ++
 modules/stream_out/chromecast/chromecast_communication.cpp | 1 +
 src/network/tls.c                                          | 2 ++
 4 files changed, 6 insertions(+)


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