[vlc-devel] acces: AMT Module

Natalie Landsberg nlandsberg at juniper.net
Wed Jul 11 15:51:23 CEST 2018

Hello developers,

I am writing an access module for VLC that would allow tunneling between native multicast streams and unicast-only networks. I have written a majority of the module but am now having issues with receiving the multicast data. I keep getting multiple ts demux warnings, either “lost synchro” or “discontinuity received 0x6 instead of 0x5 (pid=481)” with the numbers changing of course. It is always one off though, so I am wondering if there may possibly be a simple fix? Or will I have to change my module to an access/demux? My module is primarily based off of the udp module, since the packets received are encapsulated udp packets.

Thanks in advance. Let me know what other details are needed.

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