[vlc-devel] Detecting fullscreen under X on linux? (for MMAL vout)

John Cox jc at kynesim.co.uk
Thu Jul 12 18:39:19 CEST 2018


>Le torstaina 12. heinäkuuta 2018, 19.01.18 EEST John Cox a écrit :
>> (...) is there any way in the
>> vout module to know if the user has requested fullscreen from VLC,
>> either with the -f flag on the command line or by some other method?
>Normally, that is passed to the vout window plugin via initial configuration 
>and control request.

Yes - but it appears to get lost before the vout display module, which
is what I have here - or if that isn't the case please point me in the
right direction.

>It is also possible to war-query the configuration flag through 
>var_InheritBool(), but that seems kind of vain.


>> The mmal vout module bypasses the whole of X and will overlay on top of
>> whatever X is trying to display (via a separate video plane)
>> and so is appropriate for use if the user wants fullscreen video, but not
>> otherwise.
>The user can select non-windowed vout display plugins with '--window dummy' as 
>Thomas explained.

Yes and he also correctly reinterpreted my question as: "But this is not
really what you want. You would like to open/close your module when the
fullscreen state changes, right ?"

So far I'm getting the impression that I can't do that.

>The regular --fullscreen flag can change during playback, so it does not seem 
>appropriate here.

Fair enough


John Cox

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