[vlc-devel] [PATCH 01/16] vlc_common: add helper function to convert milliseconds to/from mtime_t

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sat Jun 9 08:03:32 CEST 2018

Le perjantaina 8. kesäkuuta 2018, 9.27.15 EEST Steve Lhomme a écrit :
> On 2018-06-07 1:15 PM, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> > Should there be a VLC prefix? How to handle rounding errors? :/
> I would say yes on the prefix but that's going to be very lengthy names.
> Also mtime_t is not vlc_mtime_t.

> The rounding errors it's a little tricky for a macro. I was thinking
> about using macros for hardcoded values and a function for local values.
> There are currently many static_assert on CLOCK_FREQ like this one
> http://git.videolan.org/?p=vlc.git;a=blob;f=modules/audio_output/wasapi.c;hb
> =HEAD#l130
> For now CLOCK_FREQ it's pretty much lock into 1000000 so the only thing
> that can happen here is MTIME_TO_MS() overflowing when it shouldn't.
> I would like to make the code more flexible though to allow more
> arbitrary values like that Facebook tick or using 100ns on Windows where
> it's more natural.

AFAIK, m refers to micro here. If you are going to change the frequency, then 
you should change the type name as well. But I doubt that changing the 
frequency is realistic.

And we should keep something that is a divisor of one billion, otherwise 
conversion to/from timeval, timespec and MS becomes a mess. Since we probably 
don't want to decrease the precision, that leaves only 8 alternatives to the 
current value: 1000000 * 2^{0..3} * 5^{0..3}


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