[vlc-devel] [RFC] Moving services discovery out of the playlist

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sun Jun 10 17:08:12 CEST 2018

Le sunnuntaina 10. kesäkuuta 2018, 17.14.43 EEST Romain Vimont a écrit :
> > Because you cannot reverse causality.
> > SD add/remove items as a consequence of services becoming (un)available.
> IMO that's the behavior we want. For example, some SD detects a server.
> I browse its "directories", this adds nodes to the tree. Then the server
> disconnects, this removes the server node and its children (including
> the directories I browsed).

> > You cannot just add an item into an SD-maintained tree.
> I don't consider the media tree associated to a service discovery
> "SD-maintained". Rather, the SD triggers some events that lead to
> "populate" a tree.

Then what is maintaining them? The one or several owners? That's going to be a 
disaster with synchronization, both thread/low level and data/high level.

I refuse to even review such design. This amounts to reproducing all the mess 
that tree playlist is and then add some more.

> AFAIU, this is what happens at the playlist level currently (as a
> consequence, in the UI, items provided by the SD and by preparsing
> appear in a single tree).

No. The SD subtrees are currently expressly marked read-only in the playlist 
mapping. The SD adds and removes items via SD callbacks or input item node 
callbacks. Nobody else is supposed to touch the SD subtrees.


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