[vlc-devel] [patch] add range for --verbose

jnqnfe at gmail.com jnqnfe at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 21:59:00 CET 2018

After sending in patch v3, to implement the choice list solution, and
also the patch on top of that in the "start verbosity at 1" email, I
now realise that we do also need a range as well - to cap the
incrementation behaviour of the short form -v, which I am pretty sure a
choice list does not do by itself.

So I've attached yet another patch, to be applied on top of the above
two, to implement it. It applies a range 0-6. The top value of 6
matching the max choice list option after the above two patches, and
zero as the min, despite min really being 1, because min=1 is
sufficiently enforced already by the choice list AND the default value
- why bother forcing it in the range also, making three places to
change it instead of two if ever it is decided to make 0 available as a
valid choice.

So, to be clear, the full suggested solution:
 1) v3 from this discussion
 2) the "start verbosity at 1" patch
 3) this "addition" patch re-adding the range alongside the choice-list
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