[vlc-devel] [PATCH v3] picture: align pictures on 64 bytes

Francois Cartegnie fcvlcdev at free.fr
Mon Nov 12 10:48:25 CET 2018

Le 12/11/2018 à 09:39, Steve Lhomme a écrit :
> Code relying on AVX-2 (like dav1d) cannot work without an alignment of 32 bytes
> at least. Even avcodec has a requirement of 64 (likely to get at least 32 on all
> planes). So it's probably time to upgrade.
> picture_Setup ensures a horizontal alignment to 32 bytes and a vertical to 16
> bytes. So for all buffers allocated by the core, we have a size multiple of 512
> bytes.

Didn't we had an issue with some codec*filter*idontremember and anything
> 16 ?

Francois Cartegnie
VideoLAN - VLC Developer

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