[vlc-devel] Backporting dav1d support to 3.0 release ?

Mathieu Velten matmaul at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 17:24:42 CET 2018

Hi all,

what about backporting dav1d support to 3.0 release ?
I just tested and it's almost a straight port.

I think it would be beneficial for rapid AV1 adoption, I just quickly
benchmark dav1d master against libaom master and it's already wayyy faster.

Is the implementation functionally complete ?

For a FHD test sample, i7-7700 (Kaby Lake 4 cores 8 threads):

dav1d: 302 fps with 8 frame threads and 2 tile threads, seems to be the
best case scenario for my cpu.
aom: 158 fps with 4 threads, 8 is a bit worse.

single thread:
dav1d: 120 fps
aom: 83 fps

Anyway good job to everyone working on it !

I was expecting a speed around real time for FHD single thread but those
results are impressive, the encoding complexity seems huge but the decoding
part seems ok.

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