[vlc-devel] [PATCH v2] Add new vulkan/libplacebo-based vout

Niklas Haas vlc at haasn.xyz
Wed Oct 10 03:46:32 CEST 2018

Version 2 of my vulkan/libplacebo vout patchset. Notable changes:

- Dropped the unrelated patches which are merged into master
- Split up vulkan/surface.c into platform-specific implementation files.
  I'm not sure if using -DPLATFORN_NAME in the makefile like that is a
  good idea or not?

Concerning some remaining feedback from the previous thread:

- I dropped the use of VLAs in favor of a fixed stack array of 128
  pointers. This is not a significant size on any platform, and the
  function is only called on init anyway.
- <config.h> is needed after all: it provides the N_ translation macro
- I kept the HAVE_LIBPLACEBO as it is. This is just a move patch, and I
  don't think the issue (having to maybe rebuild vlc once more) is big
  enough to warrant breaking consistency for its sake.

I accidentally sent a previous e-mail with this title while composing
the message, please, ignore.

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