[vlc-devel] RFC: vlc_player: SPU tracks: subtitles, DVD/Bluray menus and teletext

Thomas Guillem thomas at gllm.fr
Mon Oct 15 14:48:53 CEST 2018


I have some questions about how we expose the SPU track listing with the future vlc_player.

 - 1/ Do we want to expose all SPUS from the track listing ? Is it coherent to expose the DVD menu track (the one that highlight) ? IMHO, it should be hidden (but we need to patch dvdnav and maybe add  a new variable in subs_format_t to detect it).

 - 2/ What about teletext ? I think we want to expose the teletext page that are closed captions, (generally magazine=8, page >= 0x88), and hide the teletext menu (magazine = 1, page = 0) from the track listing. Users will be able to select teletext subtitles via the subtitle track menu, and activate the teletext menu via a specfic vlc player call. Questions: are we sure that the menu is always 100 ?

 - 3/ Do we want to keep the name "SPU" ? It's a VLC internal term. If we hide SPU tracks that are not subtitles (DVD/Bluray menus and teletext menu), we could name it "Subtitle".

>From the UI perspective: QT and maybe all others UI  have a Subtitle menu that allow to select any SPU (even menus). I don't think we want to keep that.

Opinions are welcome,


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