[vlc-devel] Mailing list closed...

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Wed Apr 17 05:38:30 CEST 2019

... temporarily.

The mailing-list is now closed, under emergency moderation, and the VLC repositories are now read-only, including the 3.0 one... Until I see fit.
Which means _at least_ next Monday.

Seriously, WHAT THE HELL is this discussion tone?
What allows any of you to talk to another like that? Are you 15 year old teenagers?
What are those reviews and snarky remarks? Don't you understand what is VLC development and why it is complex and hard?

If you like abusive open source projects, there are many that are around that would love your contributions, including the Linux Kernel, most web frameworks, and numerous Google projects; but VLC is NOT one of those and WILL NOT BE.
Some of them even like discussing type-aliasing, ODR and Section 21 of Paragraph of the WTH-ISO-spec! And care more about their compiler options and not about their users.

If you like passive-aggressive tone, go work for an American company, but not a friendly open source project!
If you think being insulting is being direct, go check your moral-balance or ask your parents how to not be rude.

I absolutely do not accept such tone and remarks coming from SEVERAL OF YOU (yes, I mean that).

I spend my time defending the VLC community and project to the outside, even defending actions I disagree with, to shield you guys from outside, on numerous social media. But inside, this work exactly and totally the same, I will defend the people being abused against.

So go outside, play a video game, smoke weed or LSD or mushrooms, go have sex, go see a museum or take a f**king holidays, binge-watch GoT or Westworld, go inside the catacombs or do anything that makes you happy, think about your actions and go and calm down. Go see a doctor if you need.
Then come back coding on VLC.

Sure, you can consider that this is an abuse of my power.
And if you are not happy about that, and especially not happy about me, you can:
- sue me (good luck with that),
- fork the project (you are very very welcome to do that),
- find a better president than me for the next election (and who will love to manage all the shit from other devs and the external community/legal),
- all of the above.

Grumpy regards,


 - The board is OP'd on IRC.
 - VideoLabs people, this has been forwarded to your boss.
 - It's totally useless to do a CoC report about me or this email.
 - Yes, I'm pissed.

Jean-Baptiste Kempf -  President
+33 672 704 734

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