[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Live555: could not play streams on devices with Linux kernel lower than 3.9

Mirco Pazzaglia mirco.pazzaglia at inim.biz
Mon Dec 23 15:56:09 CET 2019

> Maybe so, but that does not explain why you get the flag only to ignore it.
You are right about that. I am actually providing two dummy variables to the getsockopt (int checkReuseFlag, int checkReuseFlagLen) for the mere purpose of having the function to work, as it needs those two parameters. I am actually not interested in the retrieved values (if any value is retrieved at all), I just need the getsockopt to tell if the system is ok with that socket options (return value of 0) or not. I am pretty sure that the code could be improved/simplified as the one provided in the current patch could be seen as a straight workaround.

> And I don't really see why live555 sets the REUSEPORT flag to begin with. 
> AFAIK, it's meant for load-balancing between multiple processes. It's not 
> something you typically want in the client side.
They say "I should also point out that the reason for allowing SO_REUSEPORT (on datagram sockets; not stream sockets) is to allow other applications - running on the same host - to also receive this incoming RTP or RTCP packets, e.g., for monitoring purposes." http://lists.live555.com/pipermail/live-devel/2019-December/021423.html .

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