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Thanks for using LibVLCSharp !


To contact the LibVLCSharp developpers, I’d recommend that you use the gitter chat : https://gitter.im/libvlcsharp/Lobby . For feature requests/ bug reports, go to https://code.videolan.org/videolan/LibVLCSharp .


Regarding your specific question, it seems that both LibVLCSharp and Vlc.DotNet offer the ability to open a media from a C# Stream object. I’ve never tested that though. If you feel that something is missing, feel free to contact us.




Maintainer of Vlc.DotNet and contributor to LibVLCSharp.


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Hello, I'm Daniel, I'm currently developing my video streaming torrent player using monotorrent and your LibVLC, as I'm using c# as my main tool, I'm using your C# wrapper "LibVLCSharp" but I've met with a problem, there is no possible way to create media item with custom callbacks like in original libVLC(libvlc_media_new_callbacks(...) ), and I was not successful in contacting the developer of libVLCSharp. So, I was thinking if you can help me with this problem(suggest something or point to some other libVLC wrappers in c#), it would be much appreciated.



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