[vlc-devel] [RFC] Merging extras/tools & contribs

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Mon Feb 11 09:10:35 CET 2019


The thing is, the Win32Compile wiki page still advises using prebuilt contribs. I don't think GPL is a problem on Windows desktop. That being the case, I don't thini we can break prebuilt contribs...

(It might be a problem for proprietary LibVLC apps, but regardless of prebuilt contribs.)

Le 11 février 2019 08:48:58 GMT+02:00, Steve Lhomme <robux4 at ycbcr.xyz> a écrit :
>On 09/02/2019 10:53, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
>> Le lauantaina 9. helmikuuta 2019, 9.48.32 EET Steve Lhomme a écrit :
>>>> In principles, you *can* compile native code within contribs. This
>is what
>>>> the luac target does due to hysterical raisins. There may be
>>>> if some cross-compilation variable values are leaked by an export
>>>> such. Normally, they should only be set with HOSTVARS or
>>>> this advises (for>
>>>> xFLAGS variables):
>>>> | # Do not export those! Use HOSTVARS.
>>>> Regardless, building native executables in contribs is rather
>nasty. The
>>>> resulting (pre-built) contrib would depend on a specific build
>>>> environment,
>>>> which it really should not.
>>> I thought prebuilt was dead, at least for license reasons.
>> Uh, please clarify. I don't understand how licensing could affect
>prebuilt VLC
>> contribs any more or less than built VLC releases.
>I can't find the thread in my emails so maybe it was on IRC or IRL. But
>the general idea was that if we build all contribs, even GPL ones, some
>people might end up building/distributing VLC with these without 
>realizing it.
>Aside from that, unless the contribs are built with the same toolchain,
>especially regarding C++, there's a high chance the prebuilt package 
>will not work for most people. Let alone the protoc compatibility
>prebuilt saved my life so many times in the past when the contribs 
>wouldn't build properly with msys2+mingw64 but now all this is solved. 
>So at least on Windows people should not use that anymore (for the 
>reasons stated above) and I don't know if contribs make sense
>maybe macOS ?
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