[vlc-devel] [patch] avx2 acceleration for i420_yuy2/i422_yuy2/i420_rgb

jnqnfe at gmail.com jnqnfe at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 02:41:01 CET 2019

Ok, I've rebased and attached
Regarding your issue applying the previous copy, I wonder whether you
perhaps missed the note in the first post which pointed out that this
built on other patches submitted days earlier? I had no issues rebasing
onto git master (except an expected clash with the subsequent MMX purge
with someone else's deinterlace work).
The attached rebased patch collection bundles (in order): - The initial
set of general i420_rgb/i420_yuy2/i422_yuy2 fixes (patches 1-11) - The
i420_rgb intrinsics buffer overflow fix (patch 12) - The
i420_rgb/i420_yuy2/i422_yuy2 AVX2 enhancement (patches 13-14) - The
packetizer/startcode_helper AVX2 enhancement (patch 15) - The purging
of MMX/MMXEXT/3Dnow (patches 16-25) - The conversion of asm to nasm
syntax (patches 26-31)
The first of these was approved of by one person who just had a
question about the second patch (removal of what I believe are unused
RV24 artifacts, which he may have misunderstood as removing RV24
support), I had responded to clarify but then nothing happened. With
the second (buffer overflow patch) there was some discussion, but no
merge of the patch...
I have taken the opportunity of bundling all of this together, to: -
fixup one patch (fixed a mistake in a larger previous one) - fix a few
commit message typos and such
I have also reworked the MMX purge with the deinterlace plugin on top
of the now merged work of Janne Grunau
Oh, I should point out that with the last set, the nasm conversion,
which came about from someone suggesting using this for the AVX2 asm
(as I then reworked it to use), all I have done is to switch the syntax
itself, I have not made any change to the build files (does a hint not
need to be given to the compiler to get it to invoke the right
On Sat, 2019-02-23 at 12:00 -0500, Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:
> Hello Lyndon,
> Can you repost all the patches, in the correct order? I cannot apply
> any of them, in my tree.
> Best,
> On Thu, 31 Jan 2019, at 09:39, jnqnfe at gmail.com wrote:
> > sigh, so here's v4
> > 
> > v3 did not include a conversion of the RGB15 AVX2 to nasm, while
> > the v2
> > -> v3 diff patch (sent in case you'd already started reviewing v2)
> > did
> > 
> > I'm perplexed as to how on earth that happened, since the diff
> > patch
> > was a simple fixup into v2 to produce v3...
> > 
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