[vlc-devel] [PATCH] configure: enable ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication

RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Tue Jul 9 21:12:22 CEST 2019

If the compiler supports the the dedicated code generation command line
flag, use it to provide return/backward control flow integrity (CFI).

This provides protection against return-oriented programming attacks on
where supported. This has no effects if the processor and/or operating
system do not support the extension, except for adding no-ops in the
generated machine code.

So far the AArch64 assembler code in VLC is only made of leaf functions
which do not not store/load the link register value, so there are no
needs to use the Pointer Authentication instructions manually (at least
not for return-CFI).
 configure.ac | 12 ++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+)

diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index b48124d810..534b5886f7 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -1682,6 +1682,18 @@ asm volatile("ptrue p0.s" ::: "p0");
 AM_CONDITIONAL([HAVE_SVE], [test "${ac_cv_arm_sve}" = "yes"])
+  AS_HELP_STRING([--disable-pointer-auth],
+    [disable ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication (default auto)]),, [
+  AS_IF([test "${host_cpu}" = "aarch64"], [enable_ptrauth="yes"] ,[enable_ptrauth="no"])
+AS_IF([test "${enable_ptrauth}" != "no"], [
+  AX_CHECK_COMPILE_FLAG([-msign-return-address=non-leaf], [
+    AX_APPEND_FLAG([-msign-return-address=non-leaf], [CFLAGS])
+    AX_APPEND_FLAG([-msign-return-address=non-leaf], [CXXFLAGS])
+  ])

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