[vlc-devel] android: two vlcs

John - john.mail.for.stuff at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 06:24:44 CET 2019

Often at times I want to keep where I'm at in an audio book but wish to
switch to something else without losing my place in the audio book. The
pause-play widget on the android notification drop down menu is really
handy and so I wanted to have a second one.

What I have done up to this point is disassemble the apk using apktool and
change the AndroidManifest xml so that the package is "org.videolan.vlc1".
I also needed to change some of the permissions in order to install it.
When I installed it, I got the 2nd widget in the notification drop down
menu I was after but when I press pause/play it seems to affect the other
one as well.

I'm not an android developer and so I'm not familiar with the standards.
What is the message passing protocol for the notification widget's
pause-play function, and what classes may I need to change?

Thanks in advance
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