[vlc-devel] New Serivces Discovery Module for Onvif Cameras

Francois Cartegnie fcartegnie at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 14:15:51 CET 2019

Le 02/03/2019 à 15:22, Stephen Rhodes a écrit :
> Hello All,
> I have developed a services_discovery module for VLC that will find ip
> cameras on the local network that are onvif compatible using udp
> broadcast.  It includes a setting for a default username and password on
> the preferences panel.  This can be very useful for those who like to use
> VLC to work with ip cameras, as it will no longer be necessary to manually
> input the RTSP string.
> Three files are attached that are placed into the
> modules/services_discovery folder,  onvifdisc.c, onvif.c and onvif.h.  Some
> modification to the Makefile.am is required as well.  It has dependency on
> libxml2 and nettle.
The thing is we never use libxml directly, but only though vlc_xml,
which is non dom api.

Francois Cartegnie
VideoLAN - VLC Developer

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