[vlc-devel] [PATCH 3/6] aout: use a seperate drain callback

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Tue Mar 12 17:38:44 CET 2019

Le tiistaina 12. maaliskuuta 2019, 17.23.51 EET Thomas Guillem a écrit :
> This callback is not mandatory. If it is NULL, the core will wait for the
> delay returned by time_get(). This was already the case for most aout
> plugins: PulseAudio, coreaudio, Android, DirectSound, Wasapi, and Jack.
> Note: The drain implementation of PulseAudio was removed since
> pa_stream_drain() never worked for our case.

Excuse me? Waiting for completition did not work at some point, but that does 
not mean that you can altogether remove the call.

Also nit, typo.


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