[vlc-devel] OpenHMD branch?

Lomax lomax at clickworkorange.com
Tue May 14 17:47:55 CEST 2019

I am excited to have the opportunity to work on a HMD 360° video display
for a public exhibition, which turns out to be a surprisingly "cutting
edge" application with little in the way of ready-to-use open source
applications. As a long-time VLC fan it was great to see that HMD
support is due to be included in VLC 4 - making it one of very few open
source applications with this capability. Having already tested &
confirmed that OpenHMD supports our device (an Oculus Rift CV1), I've
spend a good day and a half getting to grips with the VLC 4 source code
(specifically https://gitlab.com/magsoft/vlc/tree/HMD-instancing),
satisfying its dependencies, getting it to build under Debian "Unstable"
(kernel 4.19, Qt 5.11) with all the right modules (assimp, for example,
had to be built separately). But I'm running into a bunch of issues
which appear to be related to outdated packages (e.g. latest libplacebo
having an incompatible signature for the pl_shader_alloc function etc
etc) - so I'm wondering if there is a more recent branch of VLC 4 with
OpenHMD support that I should be using? Extensive searching has not
turned up anything. 

Much obliged, 

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