[vlc-devel] Preparing the VLC.git move to https://code.videolan.org/videolan/vlc

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at videolan.org
Sun Nov 10 08:38:12 CET 2019

Hello fellow VLC development community,

As discussed during ongoing VDD2019 in Tokyo, we'd like to move vlc.git to
our gitlab instance and MR-based workflow, so I'm starting to prepare the
infrastructure for it.

I've looked at the current list of people who have commit access to VLC
and added them to the VLC code.v.o repo as "Developers" role based on
their last activity time (not on VLC, but VideoLAN projects).

I don't want to add elders who disappeared a long time ago.

There is the list of users I've added:

- Adrien Maglo
- Carola Nitz
- Christophe Massiot
- David Fuhrmann
- Denis Charmet
- Felix Paul Kuhne
- Francois Cartegnie
- Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen
- Jean-Baptiste Kempf
- Jean-Paul Saman
- Konstantin Pavlov
- Ludovic Fauvet
- Martin Storsjo
- Marvin Scholz
- Petri Hintukkainen
- Rafael Carre
- Remi Denis-Courmont
- Steve Lhomme
- Thomas Guillem
- Tristan Matthews
- Vittorio Giovara

I didnt find the accounts for the following people who have a commit bit
on git.v.o vlc.git, and I ask those people to create an account on
code.v.o please so you wouldnt lose access:

- Illka Ollaka
- Olivier Aubert
- Pierre Ynard

I will follow up on this email when we'd have everything ready for the
move, for now this access does not mean the repo is usable.

Thank you,

VideoLAN, Vice President
+7 926 165 45 31

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