[vlc-devel] Regarding the HTTP POST implementation

Aniketh Girish anikethgireesh at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 11:08:07 CEST 2019

On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 5:13 PM Alexandre Janniaux <ajanni at videolabs.io>

> Hi,
> Thank you for your interest in this !
> First you need to check the previous patches that have been send for this.
> You can check previous post in the mailing list. If you have a mail client
> which can handle mbox format, you can download the whole mailing list at:
> https://mailman.videolan.org/private/vlc-devel.mbox/vlc-devel.mbox
> If you don't have one, I would suggest thunderbird or neomutt with a
> notmuch indexer.
> A POST implementation has already been suggested by Diogo Silva in
> August 17 2017. Check [PATCH 00/10][RFC][WIP] libcloudstorage integration.
> While it was breaking some layers, it gives you a good start for POST
> integration. Just make sure you tackle authorship correctly.

Thanks a lot for the pointers. Let me just pick the HTTP related code from
the whole pull request and see how things work as of now. After a quick
skim over the code, it seems like it is written as a general way to support
all sort of HTTP method, not only to support POST. That is, the payload can
we receive and send?  Is it how we want this to be? Is there something else
in requirement?

Also, will it be possible to have to get real-time support(IRC or anything)
from you so that I tackle this authorship issues and others if needed any?

> I also have some WIP that I can share but couldn't find them back for
> now.

No worries. Let me know when you stumble across it ;).

> About vlc_access, they can't be used for POST request as POST needs to
> send data. You might want to implement this in a stream output instead.
> There is a tracking ticket for this on the trac, that you might want to
> ask ownership for if you really want to tackle this.

I think you are talking about this:
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