[vlc-devel] Vec translation

Codaze Veneto codazeveneto at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 15:09:55 CEST 2019

Hi, there!
I'm Federico and I'm a Venetian language translator. I would like to
localizate VLC player in Venetian language if it's possible.

Venetian language is spoken as a mother tongue by 8mln people in the World
(5mln in North-Eastern Italy, other 3mln people in Slovenia, Croatia,
Mexico and Brazil). Other million people understand Venetian as language of
their parents and/or grandparents also in Australia, Canada, Argentina,
Chile, Venezuela, France, Belgium.

I have already experience like translator and project maintainer. I
translated LibreOffice: https://vec.libreoffice.org/
and I'm the maintainer/translator of Telegram vec project for all
platforms: http://t.me/setlanguage/venetian
I'm translating Facebook, and BombSquad game also, and other minor
projects. I have also a pending request for WordPress and
for IObit software.

Let me know! Thanks a lot!
Federico Campagnolo
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