[vlc-devel] Forcing x264 codec when setting custom arguments?

Jérôme Froissart software at froissart.eu
Thu Sep 19 22:58:24 CEST 2019


In the convert dialog, after clicking on the "edit profile" button, and
when setting custom video codec options in the "video codec" tab, the
generated MRL always contain "venc=x264{mycustomoptions}", regardless of
the required video codec.

This is due (when referring to commit
b2250de24ac67ae25fdc80c81f12f6528558fb44) profile_selector.cpp:275
and profile_selector.cpp:290, where x264 is hardcoded, without a prior test
to check the codec/encoder the user required.

E.g. we can have
Transcode MRL:

I am not familiar with MRLs, how different are "vcodec" and "venc"? Does it
make sense to force the x264 encoder in such cases?
Should we (or should I) fix this in some way? But what venc should I put
for codecs other than h263/264/265?

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