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Syed Yasir Aziz yasirmcs78 at
Sat Apr 4 13:51:50 CEST 2020

I am a regular user of VLC Media Player and glad that the player features are just outstanding. On Top of that, all the features are Free of Charge.
Here, I found out that VLC Localization Feature does also exist ... I checked and found out an option under Tools > PReference > Menu Language ... My Question : Is this the feature that reflects localization ?
If this is true, I started to find out that if Language "URDU" is available or not in this list, unfortunately, this is not available,
URDU is spoken by 170.6 million prople and is the 11th in ranking in top spoken languages.
I, therefore interested to put myself to help out VLC by adding Urdu under the Localization List.
Please let me know, 

RegardsYasir AzizMasters in Computer Sc.Karachi, Pakistan
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