[vlc-devel] [PATCH 00/38] Miniplayer UI improvements

Fatih Uzunoglu fuzun54 at outlook.com
Thu Aug 20 19:55:09 CEST 2020

This patch set contains considerable improvements for the miniplayer.

Fatih Uzunoglu (37):
  qml: add progress indicator text to miniplayer
  qml: bind sliderbar tooltip location
  qml: alter dp() so that it accepts negative values
  qml: revise sliderbar tooltip
  qml: make sliderbar tooltip round
  qml: add glow to sliderbar tooltip
  qml: fit sliderbar into maininterface boundaries
  qml: add miniplayer condition property to sliderbar
  qml: hide slider handle within miniplayer when not hovered
  qml: add progressbar to the miniplayer
  qml: add shadow to miniplayer cover
  qml: make miniplayer animation smooth
  qml: layout adjustments for miniplayer
  qt: change playercontrolbarmodel default miniplayer setting
  qml: add isMiniplayer property to ControlButtons
  qml: set spacing for PlayerButtonsLayout & MiniPlayer
  qml: make MiniPlayer layout-independent in MainDisplay
  qml: add FrostedGlassEffect.qml
  qml: use frosted glass blur effect in miniplayer background
  qml: set proper miniplayer slider background color
  qml: set new styling for player play control button
  qml: remove controlbar widget sizing
  qt: remove controlbar widget sizing
  qml: play control button better mouse handling
  qt: add controlbar model default builder
  qt: add player switch button to playercontrolbarmodel
  qml: implement player switch button
  qml: add play button color fill animation
  qml: add play button icon change animation
  qml: stop player when play button is pressed and held
  qt: remove stop button from default player controlbar
  qml: add PointingTooltip as a general purpose pointing tooltip
  qml: use PointingTooltip as the tooltip of SliderBar
  qml: adapt new slider tooltip for player
  qml: add parentWindow property to ControlButtons
  qml: add volume indicator tooltip to VolumeWidget
  qml: fix miniplayer invisible on page reload bug

Pierre Lamot (1):
  qml: provide application size in VLCStyle

 modules/gui/qt/Makefile.am                    |   4 +-
 .../dialogs/toolbar/qml/EditorDNDDelegate.qml |   3 +-
 .../qt/dialogs/toolbar/qml/EditorDNDView.qml  |   3 +-
 .../qt/maininterface/qml/MainInterface.qml    |  14 +
 .../gui/qt/medialibrary/qml/MainDisplay.qml   |  33 ++-
 .../gui/qt/player/playercontrolbarmodel.cpp   |  85 +++---
 .../gui/qt/player/playercontrolbarmodel.hpp   |  15 +-
 modules/gui/qt/player/qml/ControlBar.qml      |   4 +
 modules/gui/qt/player/qml/ControlButtons.qml  | 235 ++++++++++++++-
 modules/gui/qt/player/qml/MiniPlayer.qml      | 271 +++++++++++-------
 .../gui/qt/player/qml/PlayerButtonsLayout.qml |   5 +-
 modules/gui/qt/player/qml/SliderBar.qml       |  71 ++---
 modules/gui/qt/player/qml/VolumeWidget.qml    |  42 ++-
 modules/gui/qt/style/VLCColors.qml            |   2 +
 modules/gui/qt/style/VLCStyle.qml             |  17 +-
 modules/gui/qt/vlc.qrc                        |   2 +
 .../gui/qt/widgets/qml/FrostedGlassEffect.qml | 111 +++++++
 .../gui/qt/widgets/qml/PointingTooltip.qml    | 146 ++++++++++
 18 files changed, 848 insertions(+), 215 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 modules/gui/qt/widgets/qml/FrostedGlassEffect.qml
 create mode 100644 modules/gui/qt/widgets/qml/PointingTooltip.qml


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