[vlc-devel] Mail issues on videolan infra

Konstantin Pavlov thresh at videolan.org
Wed Dec 16 20:21:10 UTC 2020



If you sent any mails to/from videolan.org addresses from 17:00 UTC to
20:00 UTC today, they might not be delivered...  This applies to incoming
mail that some MTA might have not waited enough time to drop it (although
they should send a non-delivery notification to a sender).

I've been doing some routine server maintenance today on Wednesday
December 16, and our beloved mail server didnt come up from a reboot.

Since there is no remote console on this machine, and hosting's reaction
times are unknown, I've re-setup a new machine from this night's backups.

If you're reading this mail it seems it's at least partially working now,
but it still can be a bumpy ride since we're migrating to a new IP address
for our services and this is usually a bad thing in emails.

Please report any inconsistencies if you see them to me,

Thanks, and happy hacking.

VideoLAN, Vice President
+7 926 165 45 31

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