[vlc-devel] how can i change ssize_t in "typedef ssize_t (*libvlc_media_read_cb)(void *opaque, unsigned char *buf, size_t len); " to compile in vs2019

Mashomii diaxa at qq.com
Mon Dec 21 05:31:32 UTC 2020

Hello Everyone!
I've been using the excellent VLC sdk to display a RTSP stream in a winform application.

The callback declaration 

"typedef ssize_t (*libvlc_media_read_cb)(void *opaque, unsigned char *buf,  size_t len);"
in header file 

doesn't compile in VS2019.

It seems the "ssize_t" doesn't exits on vc++ compiler headers.

How should I change the type "ssize_t" to using the sdk?
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