[vlc-devel] video playback broken after [PATCH v2 29/29] opengl: reorder renderers initialization?

Jonas Knöll jonas at knoell.org
Fri Feb 14 13:44:09 CET 2020


I was about to send my first tiny patch to vlc, but something appears to
have broken VLC for me on mac os between yesterday evening (commit:
9c3d668dab876b2e31940a6207b41989d8a2f8a4) and this morning (commit:
65dbc078330c954b8fb6fe68f388079314110870) . Audio of video files is still
playing fine, but video is not showing (it's blinking black and

Given that I cannot test against the current master, is it ok so send the
patch even though VLC does not work with the current master?

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