[vlc-devel] Developed a playback control mechanism which can be used as parental control feature or ...

Jahan Zinedine jzinedine at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 23:34:44 CET 2020

Hello everyone!

I developed a scheduled playback control feature inspired by this ticket:

Almost all the source is in playlist/playback_rules.h
plus couple of other minor changes all contained in this commit
notably changes in control.c

I've tested it on Debian dev machine built based on docker scripts
on videolan gitlab and it's base image. Please check out a demo run on
Youtube <https://youtu.be/ieVAiJCESHY>.
The way it works is to lookup the current media folder and it's parent
folders to find the file named rule.mrl which has a quite simple syntax:

00:00-23:59 mtwTFSS              //defines timeslot and weekdays to apply
the rule below which can be repeated for different timeslots

There is a function called CheckPlayRules which returns a boolean to escape
the current media and go to next one in playlist when returns false and
play when returned true.

Highly appreciate any feedback and wondering if we can have it merge in VLC
trunk to be part of next release.

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