[vlc-devel] Frames being dropped while while trying ABR streaming locally

Aniketh Girish anikethgireesh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 12:21:06 CET 2020

Hi Steve,

> The logs show your system is too slow to decode the video you're
> playing. It doesn't have much to do with the streaming protocol. What
> kind of content are you trying to play with what hardware and what
> hardware decoder or software decoder is used ?

If my hardware was slow as vlc says, doesn't I should experience some sort
of frame drop when I streaming a mp4 file directly through HTTP module. I'm
experiencing this while decoding a segment rather than a whole media file.
I have segmentized an mp4 video to `.ts` and `m4s` content/segments if that
you were asking about. I think vlc is not able to decode these segments
when it arrives.
I'm not sure about what sort of hardware decoder is used? Can you please
let me know how to figure that out? I think the software decoder is avcodec
module. Would it be possible for me to test out ABR streaming with another
set of decoder like dav1d etc?

If you provide the full
> logs we have all these information.

I have attached the pastebin for the entire error message received with
`-vv` in the previous email. Is there another method to receive much more
verbose log?

Now as it is adaptive streaming, if the hardware is not capable of
> decoding something properly we should use an easier version to decode.
> But I'm not sure that something we (can) support yet.

While debugging about this myself a bit, I figured out that the decoder
used is avcodec. So, I tried out with ffmpeg and ffplay tools to stream the
ABR segments (Both DASH and HLS playlists) and I was able to streaming very
well without any frames being dropped. Though, here I'm assuming
ffmpeg/ffplay tool uses the same code/API as avcodec for the dash muxer in

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