[vlc-devel] [PATCH 3/3] Add UI for setting subtitle charset detection on/off

Алексей Перту pertuleha at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 14:31:39 CET 2020

Hi David,

Thanks for the review.
Sorry for the late reply.

> it should be discussed what is actually needed or interesting for the normal user
I believe that the most needed/interesting thing for the *normal user*
is the one that *just works*.
Install VLC, open movie, watch & enjoy. No settings, no tweaks.

> Is the new code reliable enough to maybe get rid of both in simple prefs already?
libuchardet is well tested against HTML content (was part of Mozilla apps once),
but it's not (yet) well tested against subtitles, so there may be some
corner cases, when it does not behave as expected.

> Should there be an „Automatic“ entry in the existing charset list, which is selected by default?
When (if) this feature proves itself reliable enough, it should be
done: one setting seems more intuitive than two separate settings.
Current logic: if auto-detection fails then manually selected
encoding/charset (old setting) will be used instead.
Seems like a reasonable protection against libuchardet failures.

Also: I'm not sure, but maybe some marker (like *BETA*) should be
added to the new setting description
to manage end user expectations.

> If we stick with the checkbox, should be at least grey out the popup menu to make clear its setting does not have an effect at all?
See previous point, manually selected encoding/charset (from popup
menu) is still used in the case of the auto-detection failure.

> How to deal with the fact that VLC might not be compiled with the uchardetect library at all (probably mainly relevant for linux, if they do not package that lib)?

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