[vlc-devel] Win32 MSYS2 setup issues

Dan Scully dan at danscully.com
Sun Mar 15 18:08:57 CET 2020


I'm trying to compile VLC on windows, and at the risk of being told that
anything other than Linux cross-compiling is unsupported, I have a
question.  I followed the MSYS2 instructions on the wiki and after solving
a bunch of other issues got to actually running the main makefile, but got
a bunch of errors of the type:

error: conflicting types for ‘pthread_condattr_t’
  592 | typedef struct pthread_condattr_t_ * pthread_condattr_t;
      |                                      ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
In file included from /usr/include/sys/types.h:225,
                 from /usr/include/stdio.h:61,
                 from ../../extras/package/win32/../../../src/missing.c:38:
/usr/include/sys/_pthreadtypes.h:21:54: note: previous declaration of
‘pthread_condattr_t’ was here
   21 | typedef struct __pthread_condattr_t {char __dummy;}

All were related to pthread types being redefined.  Any thoughts on where
to hunt the solution for this?  I'm wondering if the problem is in my setup
of MSYS2 / Mingw that gcc is using the posix thread model.  I'm not quite
clear on how to fix that though.

Any advice is humbly appreciated.  I'm trying to start a new pet project
while the Covid virus shuts down my workplace :)

Dan Scully
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