[vlc-devel] Kate Subtitles Work in VLC2 but not VLC3?

William Swartzendruber wswartzendruber at gmail.com
Fri May 15 16:58:19 CEST 2020


I cannot get Kate subtitles to work in any release of VLC3. The latest
release of VLC2 displays them, but VLC-3.0.0 all the way to VLC-3.0.10 do
not. VLC on Android does not display them. This applies to both OGV and MKV

Here is a sample: https://archive.org/download/ElephantsDream/ed_hd.ogv

Personal experimentation has revealed that VLC will always show the
subtitle as present (regardless of container) and even show the defined
language code, but never actually show the subtitles. I have also
experimented with both text subtitles and graphical ones, and neither

Might anyone be able to shed some light on what is happening?

Thank you,
William Swartzendruber
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