[vlc-devel] Request to add the Tamazight language to VLC

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Sat May 30 00:47:58 CEST 2020


The VLC administration i sent my request for this , to know the procedures
required .

About the Tamazight language :

The Tamazight language is a language spoken by :
16:Milion people in : Morocco .
14:Milion people in : Algeria.
3 :Milion people in : Libya.

It is an official in these countries under its constitution .

About how are we :

We are a group of young people who have chosen to work on translating VLC
into the amazigh language and we are ready for that .
we have already added our language to many global applications and websites
we just want to know the necessary procedures .

Why VLC ?

In recognition of what we have compiled, most of the amazighs people today
consider VLC as their favorite media player , so we choes it .
and it will be a jump for as , if we can addour language to a media player
like VLC.

We hope you give us an opportunity for that , Thank you.
We await your response.
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