[vlc-devel] [PATCH] input: add url parsing of `input-slave` option

Alaric Senat asenat at posteo.net
Wed Apr 7 09:15:48 UTC 2021

On Tue, Apr 6 2021 at 05:23:59 PM +0300, RĂ©mi Denis-Courmont 
<remi at remlab.net> wrote:
> I don't think checking extensions makes sense on non-file URIs 
> though. Well, it
> might work for FTP or SMB which are essentially remote filesystems, 
> but not so
> much for HTTP...

True but it still handle more cases. Having the file extension in the
url doesn't seem to be that much of an uncommon case especially for
media servers.

Sure we can check the HTTP Content-Type but it doesn't seem to be the
right place to do so. I'm not familiar enough with the codebase to know
if that's even possible without ugly workarounds.
I'd rather spend time on making the sub demuxer less false positive
prone if that's possible.

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