[vlc-devel] [PATCH] rist: add missing translations

Pierre Ynard linkfanel at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 10 13:39:07 UTC 2021

> Do we really need to translate those?

I don't see a reason to discriminate between some interface strings
that we'd mark as translatable, and some that we arbitrarily wouldn't
bother to. This is still a patch for master. Maybe we don't need to
translate those, but that's not what this patch does, it just marks
them for inclusion in po files, where translators later may or may not
translate them, and indeed don't need to.

But yes, my question was whether we want to add new translations from
modules backported to 3.0, such as RIST and dav1d, to the translators'
work queue based on 3.0. Personally I say yes, why not, since the
modules are in 3.0 anyway.

Pierre Ynard
"Une âme dans un corps, c'est comme un dessin sur une feuille de papier."

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