[vlc-devel] MRs getting stuck in in-review state?

Lyndon Brown jnqnfe at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 22:32:07 UTC 2021

MR 10 ([1]) had entered 'acceptable' state, then due to an action
involving a comment, it got kicked to 'in-review', where it has
unnecessarily languished for the past two days. I'm wondering whether
there is a bug or flaw in the bot-driven process, or just a need for
some manual action of some kind?

 - 2 days ago MR was created.
 - Two devs approved it, and one up-voted (I'm not certain of what the
approval thing actually achieves except a green approved tick).
 - State thus changed to 'acceptable', kicking off the 3-day period
until 'accepted'.
 - Remi made a comment about a related issue in the code.
 - I replied, mentioning that that other issue is taken care of in
separate work to be submitted later. I thus marked his comment (issue)
as 'resolved'.
 - My action however seemed to directly cause a change of state to 'in-
 - Today, more devs approved it and gave it up-votes. The state for
some reason later fluctuated briefly to 'not-compliant' before going
back to 'in-review', where it has remained for some hours.

There's no reason for this to be in an 'in-review' state rather than
'acceptable', unless needing manual action with respect to confirming
my issue resolution. I fear and assume that this may be holding up the
3-day transition from 'acceptable' to 'accepted' before merging can
happen. (There's about 3-6 hours to go from the original 'acceptable'
state I guess and these are just labels, so a little early to be
certain it is indeed stuck I suppose).

So how does this get back to acceptable/accepted...?

This is also now affecting MR 6, which, after being 'acceptable' for 2
days, had a similar comment today where IMO no action was needed so I
marked resolved, and is now 'in-review'.

[1]: https://code.videolan.org/videolan/vlc/-/merge_requests/10

P.s. I'm also confused by the buttons available when I replied to the
comments. There was a green 'start a review' button, and a grey 'add a
comment now' button. I have no idea what 'start a review' would
accomplish in context of replying to a comment. I tried it in one case,
which resulted in the comment having a yellow background, a delete icon
in the top right, and two similar buttons saying 'start review (1)'
(green) and 'add comment' (grey) or similar - I clicked the 'add
comment' one at that point to escape the situation... Anyone have an
explanation? Is this similar to how the 'approve' button seems to
possibly be incorrectly enabled for non-devs?

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